20 Growth Marketing Case Studies (Unicorns, Enterprise, SaaS, Apps, Marketplaces)

It’s one thing to have a list of “growth hacks” and a general sense of growth marketing methodology and process…

But quite another to learn how other companies went from zero to traction, then scale and growth.

More than anything else, I regularly come across people asking for growth marketing case studies.

They want to discover what other companies have done. To see what’s possible, across channels, growth processes, “growth hacking”, and growth teams.

Uncovering hidden growth opportunities takes time, effort, analysis, and constant testing.

So, I sat down to analyze and study how “unicorns” made it.

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5 Ways to Increase Your B2B SaaS Revenue Today

In its most basic form, there are three ways a B2B SaaS company can make more money:

  1. Improve customer acquisition
  2. Improve customer onboarding
  3. Improve customer retention

Sometimes SaaS companies are so focused on creating and improving the product, they neglect marketing it and improving the sales funnel. Companies without a marketing, PR, or growth team especially neglect it.

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How B2B Marketers Can Use Data For Really Understanding Buyers

Business is pretty simple when you break it all down: brands need people to buy their products or services.

If you mess that part up, chances are, you aren’t going to be in business for all that long.

So why does something so obvious end up being so difficult for many marketers?

Well, the truth is there are actually a couple of answers.

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Keys To Effective B2B SaaS Customer Onboarding

A client came to me and said, “I have thousands of users signing up for free trials, but none are purchasing!”

If some growth marketers say there is an art to customer acquisition, then there is an art to customer onboarding – it’s just as important.

Every SaaS company needs to have a strategy for customer onboarding, or they are going to experience a lot of early churn and a low free trial to paid conversion rate.

Let’s kick your churn rate to the curb.

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When You Should Build A Growth Team – Part 2

Few teams will have as much impact on your marketing as sales as a Growth Team will.

If you want to see exponential and predictable results from your marketing, you need one.

Getting that is more about timing and context than anything else.

For that, your team will make it or break it.

So, how and when do you build one?

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When You Should Build A Growth Team – Part 1

Do you know what you’re doing with your marketing?

Do you know the “How” and “When” of implementing growth marketing strategies and tactics?

If your work revolves around increasing leads and sales, the struggle is not about “If” you should use high-growth marketing, but more about “When” you should.

For many, the challenge facing anyone responsible for achieving growth via marketing is understanding where you are right this moment – and acting accordingly.

As a CMO, VP of Marketing, or anyone in Marketing, it’s not a question of “If” or “How” anymore, it’s a question of “When”.

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Customer Acquisition for B2B SaaS and Software Companies 101

Customer acquisition is the first stage of your sales funnel and no matter how good the latter parts of your funnel are, if you’re not getting customers through it, you won’t have a SaaS company very long – no matter how great your product is either.

Buffer grew from 0 customers to 55k users and $150k in recurring revenue in ten months.

Zapier grew from 0 users to 600,000 users in three years.

And in two years, Slack grew from 0 teams to over 30,000 teams using Slack and valued at over $1 billion.

How did they do it?

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21 B2B SaaS Customer Retention Strategies

It doesn’t matter how amazing your B2B SaaS product is, if you can’t get customers to stay. Keep them with customer retention strategies.

While gaining new customers is important, the most successful SaaS brands have mastered the art of both acquisition and retention, to great results.

So why does it matter, you might be asking? If you replace lost customers with brand new customers every month, you’re set, right?


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12 Tips on Building a Successful B2B Inside Sales Team (a Growth Team)

Any CMO/VP Marketing worth their salary knows that what worked even a decade ago does not work now.

With the advent of new technology, social media, and savvy buyers, marketing teams have to be able to grow and adapt in ways they have never been challenged before.

This is why many CMOs/VP Marketing are looking to grow inside sales and marketing teams for their brands. These teams are being specifically developed to help brands not only hone their target market and buyer personas, but also understand buyer motivations to ultimately increase revenue.

You can call this (and we do) your “growth team”, too.

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How to Execute Outbound B2B Lead Generation Effectively

Alright, you’ve got the team hired, the systems set up, the training complete, the goals set, now comes the most difficult part, keeping your lead generation team on task and productive every day.

No matter how your team is set up and what department it lives in, it’s incredibly important to have a lead generation team that is willing to put in the effort make adjustments to be successful.

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