Video Series: Cold Emails for Qualified Lead Generation and Closing Sales Opportunities

Your ideal customer receives at least 27+ unsolicited cold emails (and phone calls) every day.

How do you make sure he reads your email – and respond?

Your outbound prospecting and lead generation are likely leaving opportunities on the table simply because your emails are not good enough.

They’re too focused on your products, services, and company – not about the problems or pains your customers need help with.

They’re asking for “a quick 10-15 minute phone call” too soon, without having established rapport or provided value.

Their timing and pace are not optimized, with the right message at the right time.

What should you do instead?

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Growth Hacking the Psychology of SaaS Lead Nurturing

I’ll admit it, SaaS lead nurturing often times gets reduced to the experiments…

Sending several emails to find out which copy works best, changing the color of your opt in to see if it increases sign ups, running a few ads, etc.

…When it really should focus on the psychology of lead nurturing – and figuring out how to “growth hack” it all.

Those things are fun and it’s truly exciting to see the numbers skyrocket based on those little tweaks.

But they are only part of the process.

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Fives Stages of Awareness (Find Out Where Your Leads Are in the Buying Cycle)

Fives Stages of Awareness (Find Out Where Your Leads Are in the Buying Cycle)

“It’s all about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten.” — Anna Wintour

How true is that quote, especially in the world of B2B sales?

Timing is an integral part of so many things in the world.

A joke told with poor timing isn’t funny, a lesson taught at the wrong time won’t be learned, and a pitch made at the wrong stage of the buying cycle won’t get closed.

It can be hard to gauge whether a lead is ready for the next stage of contact and content, but the better we reps are at tuning in; the more sales we make.

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How to Use Compelling Email Content to Drive Meaningful Conversations

How to Use Compelling Email Content to Drive Meaningful Conversations

Sending resources and content through email has been around since email itself. Reps and other sales facing members of the workforce have used content as a means of breaking the ice, adding value, and increasing rapport.

But can these resources be effective in getting prospects to engage in a conversation (either directly or through interaction within the email)?


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Developing Your Outbound B2B Lead Management Process

Having a deep understanding of your sales and marketing funnel is going to help you build the foundation of your marketing plan.

Since your outbound lead generation team is focused on targeting the potential customers you’ve already identified, these brands should enter the funnel at the same stage each time.

This is different from brands who don’t have B2B lead management process or teams, and might find prospective customers entering the sales and marketing funnel at various points during the process.

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