Video Series: Cold Emails for Qualified Lead Generation and Closing Sales Opportunities

Your ideal customer receives at least 27+ unsolicited cold emails (and phone calls) every day.

How do you make sure he reads your email – and respond?

Your outbound prospecting and lead generation are likely leaving opportunities on the table simply because your emails are not good enough.

They’re too focused on your products, services, and company – not about the problems or pains your customers need help with.

They’re asking for “a quick 10-15 minute phone call” too soon, without having established rapport or provided value.

Their timing and pace are not optimized, with the right message at the right time.

What should you do instead?

Triple Your New Sales Opportunities, Shorten sales cycles, Increase sales productivity

You can transform your sputtering outbound marketing into a well-oiled, humming lead generation engine and:

  • Start more conversations with qualified leads: Get your outbound messages in front of the right person, at the right time. Only with a fine-tuned “Cold Engine”.
  • Double or even triple your sales opportunities: Double or triple your new sales opportunities with a “Working Engine”.
  • Never miss another deal: Don’t waste opportunities or miss out on those who aren’t ready yet. With a “Nurture Engine”.

But first, here’s why you are consistently missing out on new sales opportunities:

Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Outbound Cold Emails?

Most likely, you’re making 3 critical mistakes with your cold emails. If you don’t correct these, you’re wasting a lot of time, effort, and money on sending out limp, ineffective emails that get deleted without being read.

#1: You’re using uncalibrated emails that fail to start conversations

Your first couple of emails are probably being sent to the wrong people.

If you do have the right recipient, you lose their attention with a weak first sentence. You confuse them with a rambling value proposition and talking way too much about your product or service.

Don’t dump a boring list of features on them, or treat your “cold” emails like a marketing blast.

These issues are killing your chances of getting in front of the right person. Your open rates suffer, as do your click or reply rates.

You could be sending thousands of emails to people who just ignore you, or worse: the right person gets your email but believes it’s not for them.

#2: Your follow-ups (or lack thereof) are leaking leads and not producing new opportunities

Few people are ready to talk to you after an email or two. You need more than a few touches to create a sales opportunity.

But most outreach campaigns lack the right kind, and number, of follow-up emails. You have to deliver value, qualify or disqualify prospects and turn lukewarm leads into real sales conversations.

When you’re sending to companies that have multiple people involved in decisions, it can take 2-4 weeks just to develop a new qualified opportunity.

Besides, emails that are “just checking” that they got another email aren’t enough. And please, don’t send long emails that are hard to consume. If your emails can’t comfortably be read on a smartphone, or are asking for too much, you’ll lose more sales than you win.

And we haven’t even talked about how a lack of testing and optimization is leaking deals at every point. Matching your emails to buying stages and processes, plus getting the timing right, is not done by guessing. You should systematically experiment and test to achieve predictable results.

#3: Without a strong, long-term nurturing of contacts, you’re likely abandoning deals on the table

You’re either giving up too soon or not soon enough. But without a proper nurturing engine, you’ll never know.

Perhaps your list is full of people who’d buy what you’re selling without hesitation, but only if the timing was right.

If you’re not keeping in touch, it not only demonstrates a poor understanding of your prospect’s buying process but no one will remember an email from 6 months ago. So when they’re ready to buy, you’re nowhere to be found.

But just sending emails asking for them to “hit reply” or “do you have 10 minutes?” Isn’t good enough.

Instead of pestering them with your company news or other random, irrelevant broadcasts, you need a consistent drip campaign of emails that are genuinely helpful.

It could be giving them something for free that will be valuable to them. Don’t rely on telling them how great you are, or what a leader your company is, prove it.

However, don’t just throw free stuff at them. Tailor what you’re offering to whatever their needs or problems are, or else it’s a waste of time.

Instead of losing deals over poorly performing “cold emails”, you can double your lead generation, triple your sales opportunities, and shorten sales cycles.

Video Series on Cold Email Best Practices, Cold Email Templates That Works

Watch this video series now and you’ll discover…

  • The 7 deadly myths of “cold email” that are killing your response and conversion rates.
  • What 4 core elements you need to implement and optimize to double and even triple your results, fast.
  • How one client tripled their Sales Qualified Leads in 6 weeks, compared to the past 6 months.

Video #1: Secrets of High-Converting Cold Email

Video #2: Sales Enablement Content For Your Engines

Video #3: Sales Enablement Content For Your Engines

Video #4: Effective Cold, Working, and Nurture Engines

Video #5 – Secrets of Cold Email Templates & Copywriting

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