5 Ways to Increase Your B2B SaaS Revenue Today

In its most basic form, there are three ways a B2B SaaS company can make more money:

  1. Improve customer acquisition
  2. Improve customer onboarding
  3. Improve customer retention

Sometimes SaaS companies are so focused on creating and improving the product, they neglect marketing it and improving the sales funnel. Companies without a marketing, PR, or growth team especially neglect it.

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Keys To Effective B2B SaaS Customer Onboarding

A client came to me and said, “I have thousands of users signing up for free trials, but none are purchasing!”

If some growth marketers say there is an art to customer acquisition, then there is an art to customer onboarding – it’s just as important.

Every SaaS company needs to have a strategy for customer onboarding, or they are going to experience a lot of early churn and a low free trial to paid conversion rate.

Let’s kick your churn rate to the curb.

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Triple Your B2B Sales By Aligning Sales & Buying Cycle

Let me ask you something.

And I want you to be completely honest.

The question to you is: Do you know how your customers buy?

I don’t mean if you know the features and benefits of your software – I’m sure you do.

And I don’t care if you know how to answer every objection.

No, all that’s par for the course – but I’m interested in knowing if you know how, why, and when your customers purchase your software.

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