How to Use Compelling Email Content to Drive Meaningful Conversations

How to Use Compelling Email Content to Drive Meaningful Conversations

Sending resources and content through email has been around since email itself. Reps and other sales facing members of the workforce have used content as a means of breaking the ice, adding value, and increasing rapport.

But can these resources be effective in getting prospects to engage in a conversation (either directly or through interaction within the email)?


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Keys To Effective B2B SaaS Customer Onboarding

A client came to me and said, “I have thousands of users signing up for free trials, but none are purchasing!”

If some growth marketers say there is an art to customer acquisition, then there is an art to customer onboarding – it’s just as important.

Every SaaS company needs to have a strategy for customer onboarding, or they are going to experience a lot of early churn and a low free trial to paid conversion rate.

Let’s kick your churn rate to the curb.

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21 B2B SaaS Customer Retention Strategies

It doesn’t matter how amazing your B2B SaaS product is, if you can’t get customers to stay. Keep them with customer retention strategies.

While gaining new customers is important, the most successful SaaS brands have mastered the art of both acquisition and retention, to great results.

So why does it matter, you might be asking? If you replace lost customers with brand new customers every month, you’re set, right?


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