The 5 Phases of Startup Growth (What To Do And When)

Growth is a fun topic. Especially when it comes to startup growth.


The sheer amount of creativity you have to conjure up and the break-neck speed you have to do it all with.

Thinking about the numbers going up quickly is enough to make many founders and marketers giddy. Experimentation, figuring out new markets, and moving the needle are definitely things that can bring a sense of fulfillment—but it’s not easy to get there.

While there are many things that are enjoyable, the process (like most) has some elements that aren’t as pleasurable as others.

There are about five phases or stages of growth that a company can go through.

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How B2B Marketers Can Use Data For Really Understanding Buyers

Business is pretty simple when you break it all down: brands need people to buy their products or services.

If you mess that part up, chances are, you aren’t going to be in business for all that long.

So why does something so obvious end up being so difficult for many marketers?

Well, the truth is there are actually a couple of answers.

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Customer Acquisition for B2B SaaS and Software Companies 101

Customer acquisition is the first stage of your sales funnel and no matter how good the latter parts of your funnel are, if you’re not getting customers through it, you won’t have a SaaS company very long – no matter how great your product is either.

Buffer grew from 0 customers to 55k users and $150k in recurring revenue in ten months.

Zapier grew from 0 users to 600,000 users in three years.

And in two years, Slack grew from 0 teams to over 30,000 teams using Slack and valued at over $1 billion.

How did they do it?

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How to Execute Outbound B2B Lead Generation Effectively

Alright, you’ve got the team hired, the systems set up, the training complete, the goals set, now comes the most difficult part, keeping your lead generation team on task and productive every day.

No matter how your team is set up and what department it lives in, it’s incredibly important to have a lead generation team that is willing to put in the effort make adjustments to be successful.

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